This year, we will coach students interested to participate a LEGO based robotics competition whether team members comprises of students from the same school, members of robotics club or any school going student.

Traditionally team members were decided by the teacher in charge of robotics club. As we all know not all schools have a robotics club and not all students keen on robotics get to join the club and participate in the competitions. We will change that and allowing any student to form a team which may comprise of friends and family members. Team members will not be restricted by to the school's robotics clubs, or the school itself as long as it falls under the same age group. Students decide whom they prefer to partner with and the preferred venue where they can work together. Strategizing the robot design and tactics can take place at the school, at community centers or even in the comfort of their home.

Participation in a well recognized robotics competition is an enriching experience and students gain valuable life-skills like independent learning, design experiementation, strategy, work ethic, teamwork and project management. Students participation in the NJRC may also gain CCA credit (Please check with your respective school). Attractive prizes and trophies await winning teams.

We will provide guidance, material, coaching, advice and handle the administrative affairs so you can concentrate on the winning strategy and robot design. Coaching session is flexible depending on experience and help required.

Please call +65-81427768 or write to us at admin@effectualdevices.com for a discussion.



More than 40,000 participants and 200,000 supporters have gathered at the Science Centre Singapore in support of the National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) in the last 13 years!

This year’s NJRC promises to be filled with much more challenges, excitement and surprises! The theme for this year is “Robolympians: Sport Science & Technology”. As in last year, both NXT and RCX sets will be used for the competition. The competition will also be opened to International Schools and overseas teams.

Since the beginning, NJRC has had the basic aim to nurture the passion of learning in students. Through the projects, presentation and most important, the building of the robot, students become independent learners, willing to ask questions and find answers. This allows students to expand their horizons and outlook on life, giving them the choice to make their own decisions, and thus making them aware of responsibilities and consequences.

Besides developing creativity, innovation, excellence and technopreneurship in our students, NJRC also serves as a platform to inculcate desirable values key to building character in our youths. As highlighted in Minster of Education, Mr Heng Swee Kiat’s opening address at the MOE Workplan Seminar in September 2011, a key emphasis in the next stage of development in our education system is a more “student-centric, holistic education – centred on values and character development” where “the intent is not to win medals per se, but to learn the value of excellence, teamwork and discipline; to be gracious in victory and resilient in defeat.”

Learning from a number of different individuals like the educators and more importantly, their peers from other schools will always be an eye-opener and a learning experience no matter how many time one joins. 

Who Can take part?

·         Primary Category: Primary Schools (Primary 3 & above)

·         Secondary Category: Secondary Schools / Integrated Programme (IP)

·         Tertiary category: Junior College / ITE / Polytechnic

Exciting Prizes to be Won!

Primary & Secondary Schools:

·         Championship trophy

·         Medals

·         Incentive trip to world-class science centre & famous theme-park (e.g. Disneyland , Universal Studio)


·         Championship trophy

·         Medals

·         To represent Singapore to compete in WRO 2012

The registration fee for a team is $100 (Institution members) and $150 (Non-Institution members) respectively, inclusive of 7% GST. A $20 discount will be given to schools that register on or before 31 May 2012. The closing date for the registration is on 6th July 2012.

There will be a series of workshops conducted for the students and teachers scheduled in June. The challenge announcement will be held on 7th July 2012 (Saturday) and the NJRC will be held from 27th August to 8th September 2012 at the Science Centre Singapore’s Annexe Building. For more information, please visit http://www.science.edu.sg/events/Pages/njrcompetition.aspx.


The calender is active but latest update may not be reflected immediately. Please write to with us to confirm the dates and book courses.


This is an incomplete list of major robotics competitions taking place around the world in 2012. Appreciate your notifying us for inaccuracies and submission of events in your local area. Thank you.

Jan 6-8, 2012 Techfest
Jan 13-14, 2012 FIRST LEGO League of Central Europe
Jan 24, 2012 Powered by Sun
Jan 26-29, 2012 ION Autonomous Snowplow Competition
Jan 27-30, 2012 Robotix
Jan 27-30, 2012 Techkriti RoboGames
Jan 31, 2012 Singapore Robotic Games

Feb 1-4, 2012 Kurukshetra
Feb 3-5, 2012 Quark Roboficial
Feb 5-9, 2012 APEC Micromouse Contest
Feb 17-19, 2012 Motorama Robot Conflict
Feb 23-26, 2012 Pragyan
Feb, 2012 BotsIQ

Mar 10-11, 2012 RobotChallenge
Mar 10, 2012 Trenton Computer Festival Robotics Contest
Mar 16-20, 2012 Apogee iStrike
Mar 17-18, 2012 METU Robotics Days
Mar 20-22, 2012 DTU RoboCup
Mar 24, 2012 CIRC Central Illinois Bot Brawl
Mar 24, 2012 Greater Philadelphia Sea Perch Challenge
Mar 24, 2012 Harrisburg University Pennbots
Mar 30, 2012 Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest
Mar, 2012 AMD Jerry Sanders Creative Design Contest
Mar, 2012 Manitoba Robot Games
Mar, 2012 Robocore

Apr 12-14, 2012 National Robotics Challenge
Apr 14, 2012 RoboRodentia
Apr 19-21, 2012 VEX Robotics World Championship
Apr 20, 2012 Carnegie Mellon Mobot Races
Apr 20-22, 2012 RoboGames
Apr 21, 2012 Penn State Abington Fire-Fighting Robot Contest
Apr 21, 2012 Robot-SM
Apr 21, 2012 The Tech Museum of Innovation's Annual Tech Challenge
Apr 21, 2012 UC Davis Picnic Day MicroMouse contest
Apr 23-24, 2012 IEEE TEPRA Student Robotics Competition
Apr 25-28, 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition
Apr, 2012 Alcabot-Hispabot
Apr, 2012 Austrian Hexapod Championship
Apr, 2012 Baltic Robot Sumo
Apr, 2012 Hive13 Mini-Sumobot Competition
Apr, 2012 Istrobot
Apr, 2012 National Electronics Museum Robot Festival
Apr, 2012 PARTS Indoor Challenge
Apr, 2012 Robotics Innovations Competition and Conference
Apr, 2012 UNI Mini Sumo Robot Invitational

May 3, 2012 Robots Intellect
May 5, 2012 RoboRave
May 14-18, 2012 ICRA Robot Challenge
May 17-20, 2012 Eurobot
May 18, 2012 SPURT
May 19, 2012 RoboFest
May 25, 2012 NATCAR
May 30, 2012 NASA RASCAL Robo-Ops
May 31, 2012 ION Autonomous Lawnmower Competition
May, 2012 Austrobot
May, 2012 CybAiRBot
May, 2012 DPRG RoboRama
May, 2012 FIRA Robot World Cup
May, 2012 Hawaii Underwater Robot Challenge
May, 2012 RObotX
May, 2012 Singapore Underwater Robotic Olympiad
May, 2012 Swiss Eurobot
May, 2012 Western Canadian Robot Games

Jun 2, 2012 Los Angeles/Orange County Robot Challenge
Jun 8-11, 2012 AUVS International Ground Robotics Competition
Jun 8-10, 2012 National Underwater Robotics Challenge
Jun 16, 2012 Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition
Jun 16, 2012 UK National Micromouse Competition
Jul 18-24, 2012 RoboCup Robot Soccer World Cup
Jun 21-23, 2012 MATE ROV Competition
Jun 23-34, 2012 International Autonomous Robot Contest
Jun, 2012 HBRC Challenge
Jun, 2012 Pobot Junior Cup

Jul 3-6, 2012 International Micro Air Vehicle Competition
Jul 10-15, 2012 CIG Car Racing Competition
Jul 17-22, 2012 International RoboSub Competition
Jul 18-22, 2012 Botball National Tournament
Jul 22-26, 2012 AAAI Mobile Robot Competition
Jul 29, 2012 ASABE Robotics Competition
Jul 31, 2012 AUVS International Aerial Robotics Competition
Jul, 2012 K*bot World Championships
Jul, 2012 RoboBombeiro
Jul, 2012 RobotRacing

Aug 9-19, 2012 Missouri State Fair Robot Expo
Aug 31, 2012 DragonCon Robot Battles
Aug, 2012 Chibots SRS Robo-Magellan
Aug, 2012 Microtransat Challenge
Aug, 2012 Motodrone AFO Competition
Aug, 2012 RoboCountry
Aug, 2012 World Robotic Sailing Championship

Sep, 2012 National Junior Robotics Competition
Sep, 2012 RoboCup Junior Australia
Sep, 2012 Robotour

Oct 1-4, 2012 UAV Outback Challenge
Oct 19-21, 2012 Critter Crunch
Oct, 2012 CalGames
Oct, 2012 Chibotica
Oct, 2012 Combots Cup
Oct, 2012 Competencia Robotica (LARC)
Oct, 2012 The Franklin Cup
Oct, 2012 Inter-School Robotics Challenge
Oct, 2012 Robothon

Nov, 2012 AHRC Robot Rally
Nov, 2012 All Japan MicroMouse Contest
Nov, 2012 Bloomington VEX Tournament
Nov, 2012 Canadian National Robot Games
Nov, 2012 International Micro Robot Maze Contest
Nov, 2012 Korea Intelligent Robot Contest
Nov, 2012 Real World Robot Challenge
Nov, 2012 Roaming Robots Grand Final
Nov, 2012 Robocon
Nov, 2012 Robotex
Nov, 2012 Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Competition
Nov, 2012 Texas BEST competition

Dec, 2012 IROC International Robot Olympiad
Dec, 2012 MindSpark
Dec, 2012 Penn State Abington Robo-Hoops
Dec, 2012 Robomania IRC
Dec, 2012 Robotic Arena
Dec, 2012 Robotics Olympics
Dec, 2012 South's BEST competition


We will be setting up an online registration and enrollment process. Meanwhile please write to us if you keen in any of the courses.


Please complete the application and enrollment form. Admission is subject to participant meeting the prerequisites and course meeting the minimum enrollment numbers.

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